Louis Pionessa

“He’s not a hipster.” – Josh Acomb

Alternative Singer-Songwriter and Indie Folk Musician Louis Pionessa

“His music is amazing!” – my mom (the nicest lady ever)

Before you call my mom a liar, you should at least hear my music for yourself.

But more on that later. First, let me talk about what it’s like to write a song.

Now, you know those movies where the dog dies… FOR NO REASON? (I know right?) Everything’s going great and the dog saves Johnny’s life and… BAM, Fido gets hit by a car. WHYYYY!? But then it turns out that Fido was an alien and he gets up and flies away… weird.

Okay, maybe you’ve never seen THAT movie, but you get the point.

But what does that have to do with writing a song? Well, my friend, because writing a song is a lot like watching a movie. Because when I sit down on the couch with my guitar and start singing gibberish to the stray cats outside – I never know where I’ll end up 2 hours later.

Usually I’m naked in the corner crying about being so alone…. ha ha…. jk..?

Not only that, but listening to my music is like watching a great movie (with your ears). Because it takes you places in your mind and you learn about yourself along the way - by relating to the story.

Anyways, my music has the following elements:

  • soulful melodies and haunting background vocals (BAAABY WHYYYY… backed by oooohs and aaaaaaaahhhhs)
  • intricate fingerstyle acoustic guitar (sounds like a harp) and pretty-sounding chords (sounds like a uh…Monet painting…? If you get reeeeally close to it.)
  • poetic lyrics and an occasional baaaaadass guitar solo (yin and yang – the best of both worlds)

Let me put it another way: My music is the boo-boo AND the band-aid. Because first it cuts you, and then it makes you feel ALLLL better after hearing it.

It’s like battle scars, man… They build character.

But if you need specific examples, all my friends’ moms say my music is similar to Jeff Buckley and Otis Redding mixed with Nick Drake and Sparklehorse. Indie Folk stuff made by sensitive dudes, you know? (They also died too young. But I plan on living forever.)

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Louis Pionessa – Texas Songwriter and #1 Son

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